The Knockout Blow of 1959 Propaganda.


Text of Address By The Lord’s Ordained Minister
Lennox Sam
Minister of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists
Mt. Carmel, Waco, Texas.
“Where Truth can Enter”


  1. The knockout blow of 1959 propaganda;
  2. The beloved name “Davidia” and the hated name “Eleventh-hour church”;
  3. Association formed as a result of WW II propaganda;
  4. Accepting the additions to the Shepherd’s Rod Message and teaching for doctrines the errors therein;
  5. Tormenting Mother with the distribution on literature in front of the churches on Sabbath, at camp meetings and other SDA events.


The Knockout Blow of 1959 Propaganda.

Let us read carefully the statement which the enemy has used to beguile Davidians into believing that the enemy delivered a knockout blow to the movement in 1959:

WHR: 33.2: Everything that can be done against God’s message of today will be done with even a greater vengeance than was manifest against Heaven’s message in the days of Christ’s first advent, for the Devil knows that if he loses now, he loses forever — that he is to have no other chance. Unparalleled, therefore, is the urgency that every eleventh-hour church member now quickly and solidly brace himself against the Enemy’s effort to deliver a knockout blow.  We must be alert, too, to realize that the blow is to come from surprisingly unsuspected foes — from professed friends of the gospel, who are no less pious than were priests in Christ’s day.  It is, moreover, but to be expected that the Adversary will employ every agency possible to prevent the Lord from disclosing to view His now obscure 144,000 first-fruit servants, who are to go gather in the second fruits (Rev. 7:9).  The Enemy will try everything conceivable to confuse, becloud, and cover up the Truth, especially on the subject of the 144,000.

The word effort means “a serious attempt.”

The metaphoric sport of boxing is being illustrated in this statement. We know that in boxing, the aim of each fighter in the contest is to convey a knockout blow so as to win the fight. A delivered blow can knock a fighter to the mat; but if he gets up before he is counted out, it is merely a serious attempt which is scored as a knockdown blow and not a knockout blow.

I repeat: Every fighter’s aim is to deliver a knockout blow so that he can win the fight, but if he delivers the blow and it does not connect solidly, then that blow is no longer a knockout blow; it is a knockdown blow because the other fighter gets up before the referee can count to 10. This is the illustration (for those of you who are not familiar with the sport); and if the Rod is using the sport of boxing to illustrate this statement, then we need to understand it before we start teaching contrary to the account.

The question we must ask ourselves is: “Did the enemy deliver a knockout blow in 1959 or did he attempt to deliver a knockout blow?”  If he did deliver a knockout blow, it means that the movement within the movement, the Davidians, lost the fight in 1959 and the fight is over! And this movement (that we are claiming lost the fight by a knockout blow), as far as inspiration tells us, is destined to triumph, are we saying that it failed? Yes we are according to the belief system that we had a knockout blow in 1959.

Consequently, if we are knocked out, then all of the subsequent efforts by the movement after 1959 are useless. Ask yourself another question: “Are you fighting in a match that is already over?” If you are, you are shadow-boxing. Can Christ, The General of Generals, lose to a defeated foe? Inspiration tells us that the enemy was defeated on Calvary. Therefore, he can never win a fight against Christ, let alone deliver a knockout blow to the movement that Christ said “is destined to triumph, even though all other movements before it failed.”

Do we know what we are accusing our Lord and our Saviour of? We are accusing our Lord and our Saviour of losing a battle! Brothers and Sisters, that is an abomination. As Davidians we ought to wake up and give our God the glory and honour that He deserves.

My dear fellow Davidians, Are we still in the fight? Is the devil in the fight with us? Are we shadow-boxing because of the belief system of 1959? Well, let me tell you something my dearly beloved brothers and sisters — it is the Devil who will receive a knockout blow when the Lord manifests His power and removes all the tares from His church.

Stop this abomination. The Davidian Movement was not knocked outwe did not receive a knockout blow in 1959 or any other year. — A knockout blow is a losing punch to the recipient. Stop telling yourself and others that you lost the fight but look up! Look up to Jesus: The General of Generals who never lost a battle.  Get ready, get ready, for our redemption draweth nigh.

Stop the abomination

The next abomination that we will cry out against is the title “Davidia.” I say, “Davidia or 11th-hour Church, Which?

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