Volumes and Tracts

This book comprehends the entire original works of the Brother Victor T. Houteff, the author of the Shepherd’s Rod Series, except the Symbolic Code Series, which were compiled separately, with the same pagination of each original publication.

Symbolic Codes

This volume comprehends the entire Symbolic Codes Series published by Brother Victor T. Houteff, which includes Volume 1 No. 1 to Volume 10 No. 2, both inclusive and does not include any of the “New Codes” also known as “Florence Houteff Codes”.

Both Series

Now it is up to all of us individually to decide whether we should hear the voice of man or the Voice of God’s Rod. This is now everyone’s test, and it must be everyone’s concern, for one of these two voices — the voice of men or the Voice of God’s Rod — will determine everyone’s destiny either for eternal death or for eternal life.


  • Symbolic Codes
    • 615 Pgs, End Bends
    • Hard Cover, Laminated
    • Index, Charts
  • Volumes & Tracts
    • 800 Pgs, End Bends
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The New Codes as we know them consist of five volumes of sermons and addresses extracted from various Symbolic Codes published by the Executive Council after the prophet’s death. Florence Houteff submitted these sermons and addresses to the Executive Council for publication, claiming that they were delivered by Brother Victor T. Houteff. The first work of leader of this Association was an investigation of the authenticity of the New Codes, which proved that these sermons and addresses were in several instances contradicting the published writings of the late Brother Victor T. Houteff. Waco Association’s Biblical Research Committee failed to prove the authenticity of said New Codes, as well as failed to harmonize the contradictory statements found there. Therefore, God’s Association, the compiler of this book, cannot and does not regard the New Codes and the doctrines therein as part of the Shepherd’s Rod Message.

The New Codes being Volume 10, No. 7 through Volume 13, Nos. 11, 12, compiled into the five volumes and first distributed by the Salem Association and now by the upshoots and offshoots of said Association and Davidians at large, being excerpts of the Symbolic Codes published by Sister Houteff’s Executive Council during the years 1955 to 1958, are not included herein. We do not consider the sermons purported to have been delivered by Brother V. T. Houteff before the Timely Greeting Series, to be that of Brother Houteff. We have investigated these sermons and found them wanting, we will post some of our findings in the website for your investigation.



This compilation of The Shepherd’s Rod Literature was done to meet the needs of our Davidian brothers and sisters in the foreign fields, in particularly the African countries. Various Davidian Associations proselytized the continent over the past thirty years, but saw no need to provide each convert with their own complete individual copy of the Shepherd’s Rod Series, be it a compilation or individual books and tracts. We found that this compilation was the most expedient way of filling this void and we give thanks to our Lord and our God for making it possible for it to be accomplished in less than 20 months. To God be the glory, praise, thanksgiving and honor.

The Shepherd’s Rod Literature in Prophecy

Here is a Rod which speaks; and its voice, the scripture points out, is the voice of God to His people.  And since “The Shepherd’s Rod,” the publications which contain the message of “the great and dreadful day of the Lord,” is the only Rod that has ever spoken, then it is the “Rod” publications which the Lord demands all to hear.  Some may call the publications “offshoot,” others may call them “rubbish” (“Counsels on Sabbath School Work,” p. 29), but the Lord titles them the “Rod,” and His counsel is that we hear Its voice.  In truth, since the Rod is a symbol of authority, correction, and deliverance, then what other title could more fittingly signify that It is to deliver the penitent and do away with the impenitent?  It was the Shepherd’s Rod that freed ancient Israel, and the Lord has chosen “The Shepherd’s Rod” to deliver modern Israel.  It was a Rod that led the first Exodus, and it is now seen that a Rod is making ready to lead the second Exodus (Isa. 11:11;  Mic. 7:14, 15; Ezek. 20:36, 37).