That Thou Mayest Prosper and be in Health – Part 4

Be Not Extremists

One of the most common perils which we have for one to keep out of, and in which many lose their way, is that of taking an extreme position. There are multitudes who cannot keep “in the middle of the road.” They let Satan lead them to the edge of the Christian’s pathway, and as it makes but little difference to him from which side of the road he trips them over, he lets them choose the side of the road that most appeals to them; hence, some go into extreme in the right direction while others go in the wrong. {2SC12: 11.1.1}

Some teachers of the sealing message are taking an extreme position on health reform, dress reform, marriage, etc., and therefore, we request that all Present Truth followers refrain from teaching anything more or less than has been published in the Code, the books, and the tracts. The messages are plain in themselves, and you need not enlarge upon any point, but rather make sure that you, yourself, are walking in the light only as far as the light of Present Truth leads you, for which light and progress in the Christian pathway you, yourself, and those whom you teach, are responsible. Thus by precept and example, you will avoid all the pitfalls, whether they be in health reform, dress reform, or other doctrines, and will save yourself the embarrassment of having to put out the sparks of your own kindling, which only burn, wound, and lead astray instead of giving light and warmth. Says the Spirit of Prophecy: {2SC12: 11.1.2}

“He who is imbued with the spirit which actuated Daniel, will not be narrow or conceited, but he will be firm and decided in standing for the right. In all his associations, whether with his brethren or with others, he will not swerve from principle, while at the same time he will not fail to manifest a noble, Christlike patience. When those who advocate hygienic reform carry the matter to extremes, people are not to blame if they become disgusted. Too often our religious faith is thus brought into disrepute, and in many cases those who witness such exhibitions of inconsistency can never afterward be brought to think that there is anything good in the reform. These extremists do more harm in a few months than they can undo in a lifetime. They are engaged in a work which Satan loves to see go on.” — “Counsels on Health,” pp. 153, 154. {2SC12: 11.1.3}

“Not all who profess to believe in dietetic reform are really reformers. With many persons the reform consists merely in discarding certain unwholesome foods. They do not understand clearly the principles of health, and their tables, still loaded with harmful dainties, are far from being an example of Christian temperance and moderation. {2SC12: 11.2.1}

“Another class, in their desire to set a right example, go to the opposite extreme. Some are unable to obtain the most desirable foods, and instead of using such things as would best supply the lack, they adopt an impoverished diet. Their food does not supply the elements needed to make good blood. Their health suffers, their usefulness is impaired, and their example tells against rather than in favor of reform in diet. {2SC12: 11.2.2}

“Others think that since health requires a simple diet, there need be little care in the selection or the preparation of food. Some restrict themselves to a very meager diet, not having sufficient variety to supply the needs of the system, and they suffer in consequence. {2SC12: 11.2.3}

“Those who have but a partial understanding of the principles of reform are often the most rigid, not only in carrying out their views themselves, but in urging them on their families and their neighbors. The effect of their mistaken reforms, as seen in their own ill-health, and their efforts to force their views upon others, give many a false idea of dietetic reform, and lead them to reject it altogether. {2SC12: 11.2.4}

“Those who understand the laws of health and who are governed by principle, will shun the extremes, both of indulgence and of restriction. Their diet is chosen, not for the mere gratification of appetite, but for the up-building of the body. They seek to preserve every power in the best condition for highest service to God and man. The appetite is under the control of reason and conscience, and they are rewarded with health of body and mind. While they do not urge their views offensively upon others, their example is a testimony in favor of right principles. These persons have a wide influence for good. {2SC12: 11.2.5}

“There is real common sense in dietetic reform. The subject should be studied broadly and deeply, and no one should criticize others because their practice is not, in all things, in harmony with his own…. {2SC12: 11.2.6}


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