• Ruth Paris

    For a few months a my husband and I are studying The Shepperd Rod, and we born adventists and studied in Adventist Academy and eventually in adventist college. We believe that is the duty of every adventist church member have to do missionary work and evangelism in our neighborhood. But a few members of Shepperd Rod told us that is usesless because our SDA church’s are been losing the standard of the church and if not wise bring new people. That’s subject, we, husband and me strongly believe goes against Gospel Worker and Evangelism and Testimonies for ministers. BTW in a series of evangelim in Puerto Rico my in laws, devoted catholics, learn the gospel and today the fourth generation of their family and the third part of their family got to learn the gospel and the majority are active members of church. So that’s is how important is the work of evangelism door to door.

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