Association formed as a result of WW II Propaganda


Text of Address By The Lord’s Ordained Minister
Lennox Sam
Minister of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists
Mt. Carmel, Waco, Texas.
“Where Truth can Enter”


Our prayer thought is taken from Timely Greetings, Volume 2, Number 2, page 13, paragraph 2:

  1. The knockout blow of 1959 propaganda;
  2. The beloved name “Davidia” and the hated name “Eleventh-hour church”;
  3. Association formed as a result of WW II propaganda;
  4. Accepting the additions to the Shepherd’s Rod Message and teaching for doctrines the errors therein;
  5. Tormenting Mother with the distribution on literature in front of the churches on Sabbath, at camp meetings and other SDA events.

World War II caused Davidians to organize themselves into an Association.


Let us hear what is promulgated by Davidian ministry and laity alike. We shall read The Davidian Propaganda:

“The General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists was formed because the SDA church would not provide letters to Davidians to prove that they were members of the SDA church so as to be exempt from combat duties in World War II.  Faced with this dilemma, the prophet was forced to form an Association.”

True or False?

Let us look at the evidences and decide based on the weight of evidence if there is any truth to this propaganda. We will look at some historical events of the period leading up to World War II and during World War II both in the world and in the 11th-hour church.

World War II Historical Events

October 29th, 1929: Stock Market on Wall Street crashed:

Stock Market on Wall Street crashed

January 6th, 1929: First Present Truth study given by Bro. Victor T. Houteff:

First Present Truth study given

November 8th, 1932: Franklin Roosevelt elected President of the USA:

Franklin Roosevelt elected President

October 2nd, 1932: Shepherd’s Rod Volume two published:

Shepherd’s Rod Volume two published

August 19th, 1934: Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany:

Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany

1934: The General Association of Shepherd’s Rod Seventh-day Adventists organized:

GADSDA organized

The General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists was organized by Brother V. T. Houteff in 1934, the same year that Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany; this was 5 years before the commencement of World War II.

For the confirmation of the dates concerning Davidian history, please see Tract Number 13, pages 44-48.

The evidence that we were organized in 1934 can be found in Volume Three, The Symbolic Code Number 2, page 3, let us look at it:



The General Association


The Shepherd’s Rod Seventh-Day Adventists



{3SC2: 3}

We were organized in 1934 with a written constitution five years before World War II begun.

Let us look at the Constitution and By-laws of the then “Shepherd’s Rod Seventh-day Adventists.

Reproduction of the 1934 Constitution and By-Laws

(We have reproduced this document for reading purposes only. You can verify the correctness of the information from the original scans on www.gadsda.com.)







The object of this organization is to bring about, among God’s people, such a reformation as is called for in the “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 9, p. 126, and to extend the “Eleventh-Hour Call” (Matt. 20:6, 7) of “the everlasting gospel to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,” gather the saints, make up the kingdom, and thus hasten the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The membership of this organization shall consist of all persons who subscribe to the whole doctrine of the aforesaid organization.


Section 1.

(a) The regular officers of this organization shall be a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

(b)The president shall be called and chosen according to the pattern as found in Exodus, chapter three, verses ten, fifteen, and sixteen; chapter four, verse seventeen; Ezekiel, chapter three, verse seventeen; and Luke, chapter six, verse thirteen.

(c) All other officers of this organization shall be appointed in accordance with the procedure set forth in Numbers, chapter eleven, verses sixteen, seventeen, twenty-four, and twenty-five, and in Acts, chapter six, verses one to seven; and chapter thirteen, verses one to three.

Section 2 The president shall act as chairman of the Executive Council (Numbers 16:12, 25-32) and labor in the general interest of the Association as exampled in Hebrews, chapter eleven, verses twenty-four to twenty-eight.

Section 3 The vice-president shall assist the president in administering the affairs of the Association, according to the example given in Exodus, chapter seven, verses one and two,

Section 4.  The secretary shall keep the proceedings of all meetings of the Association, and perform such other duties as are in keeping with the nature of the office as defined in Second Samuel, chapter 8, verse 16 (margin).

Section 5 The treasurer shall receive all funds of the Association and disburse them in accordance with the examples recorded in the following scriptures: Exodus, chapter thirty-six, verse three; Ezra, chapter eight, verses twenty-one, twenty-four to thirty; Acts, chapter four, verses thirty-five to thirty-seven; and chapter six, verse three.


Section 1. This Association shall hold regular sessions at such time and place as the Executive Council shall designate by a notice published in “The Symbolic Code,” the official organ of the organization, in two consecutive issues before the date of the opening of the session.

Section 2. Special sessions may be called in the same manner as that of a regular session, and the transactions at special sessions shall have the same force as those of regular sessions.


Section 2.  The Association, at any session thereof, may enact, amend, or repeal by-laws by such a vote and vote as called for in “The Acts of the Apostles,” pp. 195-196, and   such by-laws may embrace any provision not inconsistent with the Constitution.



Section 1. During the intervals between sessions of the Association, the Executive Council, constituted in accordance with the example set forth in Acts, chapter six, verses two to six, shall have full administrative power, with authority to grant credentials and licenses, and fill any vacancies that may occur in its offices, by death, resignation, or otherwise.

Section 2 A majority of the full membership of the Executive Council shall, after due notice to available members, constitute a quorum of the Executive Council.

Section 3. All meetings of the Executive Council shall be held at the general headquarters, unless otherwise called for by a quorum of the Council.

Section 4. Meetings of the Executive Council may be called at any time by the chairman, or any member of the Council appointed by him.

Section 5.  Minority meetings of less than seven members of the Council may be held at the General Administrative Office for the transaction of necessary routine business.


The Executive Council shall have full power to adjust the compensation and expenses of all laborers in the employ of the Association.


The funds of the Association shall consist of tithes and offerings.


Section 1. Recognizing that the call to the gospel ministry must come from God to the individual; and that in harmony with the Biblical plan (Luke 10:3-8), the one receiving such a call must first prove his calling by going out at his own charges, ad also when such a one has proved his ministry according to the standard set forth in First Timothy, chapter three, verses one to seven, the Executive Council, recognizing his fitness to engage in the sacred work of the ministry, shall indicate such by an action authorizing that the one considered be either ordained or licensed, as the case may warrant, to minister according to the instructions set forth in Matthew, chapter ten, verses nine and ten.

Section 2.  All ordained ministers are empowered to perform such usual duties as are set forth in the Scriptures.

Section 3.  Licensed ministers are not authorized to perform such duties as mentioned in Article IV, Section 2, except one such occasions as warrant the Council’s delegating such rights.


The Name, “Shepherd’s Rod,” is borrowed from the publications, known as “The Shepherd’s Rod,” which, symbolically, are the anti-type of Moses’ Shepherd’s Rod, and which contain the doctrines that called forth the organization represented in this document.

Therefore, the name, “Shepherd’s Rod,” was given to this organization in the same way that the name “Christian” was given to the early Disciples of Christ. (Acts 11:21-26.) However, the name Shepherd’s Rod Seventh-Day Adventist, according to Isaiah, chapter sixty-two, verse two, is only for the time being.

It has the constitution, articles, object, membership, officers and their duties…. and it looks just like our regular constitution in The Leviticus, but this was the first organization’s constitution.

Let us continue with our historical events:

September 1st, 1939: Nazis invaded Poland:

Nazis invaded Poland

September 3rd, 1939: Britain, France, Australia & New Zealand declared war on Germany:

War on Germany

That is when World War II begun — 1939, five years after we had already been organized as an Association.

October 25th, 1939: First commemoration of history review – Day of Days:

First commemoration of Day of Days

October 26th, 1939: First child born on Mt. Carmel:

First child born on Mt. Carmel

Were we worried about Hitler and his war? I don’t think so. We were an Association having our historical events taking place just like the world.

September 14th, 1940: Conscription Bill passed:

Conscription Bill passed

Let us read a little of this conscription bill.

Conscription Bill

Signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt in 1940, the Act established the first peace-time draft in United States history. Under the Selective Training and Service Act, all American males between twenty-one and thirty-six years of age registered for the draft. The government selected men through a lottery system. If drafted, a man served for twelve months.

Section 5(g) of the Act contained a provision for conscientious objection:

Nothing contained in this Act shall be constructed to require any person to be subject to combatant training and service in the land and naval forces of the United States who, by reason of religious training and belief, is conscientiously opposed to participation in war in any form. Any such person claiming such exemption from combatant training and service because of such conscientious objections whose claim is sustained by the local draft board shall, if he is inducted into the land or naval forces under this Act, be assigned to noncombatant service as defined by the President, or shall if he is found to be conscientiously opposed to participation in such noncombatant service, in lieu of such induction, be assigned to work of national importance under civilian direction.

The draft began in October 1940. By the early summer of 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt asked the U.S. Congress to extend the term of duty for the draftees beyond twelve months. On August 12, the United States House of Representatives approved the extension by a single vote. The Senate approved it by a wider margin, and Roosevelt signed the bill into law on August 18, 1941.

Thus the Conscription Bill was passed in September of 1940. The draft began in October and extensions were made to it the following year — and what was happening at Mt. Carmel during this period?

On the 6th day of December, 1940: SROD SDA’s position on the conscription published:

SROD SDA’s position on the conscription

Notice that we were ready to respond to this conscription two months later because we were already organized six years before it.

Volume 6 The Symbolic Code Numbers 7-12, page 11, column 1, paragraph 1 reads:



For All SROD Members of Military Conscription Age


(These principles underlie our conscientious objections to signing either Statement A or Statement B, unqualified, under “Claim for Exemption” in “Special Form for Conscientious Objectors.”) {6SC7-12: 11.1.1}

We have just read an excerpt to show that conscription did not cause us to be organized. Please read the section in its entirety for your own edification.

We will read the beginning of the letter from the Government to Mt. Carmel:

The Government’s answer to this appeal is as follows: {6SC7-12: 11.2. 8}



Headquarters of The Shepherd’s Rod Seventh Day Adventists
Waco, Texas

December 10, 1940

RE: Conscientious Objectors 


Your communications dated December 6th, 1940, have been received by State Headquarters of Selective Service and referred to this department for reply. {6SC7-12: 12}

This letter is signed by Q. C. Taylor, Major; and he was from the Legal Division.

This is just to show that we were not worried about conscription; we were already organized and were ready to answer and write to the army. Read that in its entirety for your edification.

November 1941: Flag of Christ’s Kingdom designed:

Flag of Christ’s Kingdom designed

December 7, 1941: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor:

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor

December 8th, 1941: USA declared war on Japan:

War on Japan

1943: SROD SDA’s received a new name from God – Davidian SDA:

SROD SDA’s received a new name from God – Davidian SDA

Let us read about it in Volume 8 The Symbolic Code Numbers 1-12, page 24, column 1, paragraph 1:


To keep alive the hope that the brethren as a whole would sooner or later embrace the sealing message, the Divine Author of this “closing work for the church” (Testimonies, Vol. 3, p. 266) has hitherto given His messengers no title.  Hence the name of their publication, The Shepherd’s Rod, has naturally been attached to them. {8SC1-12: 24.1.1}

Having now, though, at the closing of its twelfth year, progressed to the publication of the “Leviticus,” the Association receives from this governmental organ, the name, Davidian Seventh-day Adventists.  No longer, therefore, does it borrow its name from its publications.  The inception of this governmental set-up, along with the name, suggests that the long-predicted Davidian Kingdom is about to be ushered in. {8SC1-12: 24.1.2}

Amen! Brethren, we got our New Name in 1943.

May 8th, 1945: V-E Day (Victory in Europe):

Victory in Europe

The allies got victory over Hitler.

September 2nd, 1945: Japan’s formal surrender to the allies:

Japan’s formal surrender

On February 5th, 1955: Bro. Victor T. Houteff, the Lord’s servant, passed away:

Bro. Victor T. Houteff’S Death

Based on the evidences presented, there is not one thread of truth in the Davidian propaganda:

“The General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists was formed because the SDA church would not provide letters to Davidians to prove that they were members of the SDA church so as to be exempt from combat duties in World War II.  Faced with this dilemma, the prophet was forced to form an Association.”

Therefore, a student of the message must conclude that the answer to it is — FALSE:

The answer to it is — FALSE

Stop this abomination of crediting Hitler and his enemies with forcing God to organize the 11th-hour church. The 11th-hour Church was planned before Hitler was even in existence because our Lord and our Savior gave us the parable of Matthew chapter 20.Why are we allowing the enemy to desecrate what our God has done for us? Are we not Christians? Are we not followers of Christ? Why are we doing this to our Lord?

The next abomination we will cry out against is: “Accepting the additions to the Shepherd’s Rod Message and teaching for doctrines the errors therein.

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