The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists Association


INITIALLY: “The streets and lanes of the city” (Luke 14:17-21) — the Eleventh-hour church and the Ninth-hour church.
FINALLY: “The highways and hedges” (Luke 14:23; Matt. 24:14) — “every nation and kindred, and tongue, and people” (Rev. 14:6), even “in the isles of the sea” (Isa. 24:15), — the “isles afar off.” Isa. 66:19.


The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists Association
Mt. Carmel, Waco Texas
P.O. Box 23738, Waco, TX 76702,



  • Lennox Sam
  • Selma van Niel
  • Patricia Verpret
  • Maxwell Murunga
    • Mweemba Hatyoka
    • Jerry Cox
    • Desiree Ford


    • Editor: Lennox Sam
    • Assistant Editor: Maxwell Murunga


    • Desiree Ford


    • Africa: Maxwell Murunga
    • French Field: Patricia Verpret
    • United States: Lennox Sam






    • Secretary: Carine Onestas
    • 0590 88 36 53
    • 13 Residence Les Lavandes Boisripeaux, Abymes, 97139, Guadeloupe



    • Secretary: Ezekiel Momanyi Nyachae
    • +254-720-498-468
    • +254-738-219-803
    • 120-40104, Koru, Kenya


    • Leader: Jerry Cox
    • +1-758-520-7993
    • +1-758-451-4689
    • P.O. Box 1412, Castries, St. Lucia



    • Leader: Jacob Kimunga
    • +256-702-79-8100
    • +256-702-79-8100
    • Hoima Road-Mbalala, Busunju Central, Uganda
    • Secretary: Stephen Nsobya
    • +256-706-547-519
    • +256-706-547-519
    • Hoima Road-Mbalala, Busunju Central, Uganda


    • Leader: Lennox Sam
    • +1-254-855-9539
    • 2613 Mountain View Drive, Waco, Texas 76710, USA
    • Secretary: Desiree Ford
    • +1-832-754-0315
    • 2613 Mountain View Drive, Waco, Texas 76710, USA
    • Treasurer: Desiree Ford


    • Secretary: Denzil Simutelo
    • 976-28-8289
    • Chibuyu Compound 510, Monze 10101, Southern Zambia
    • Treasurer: Pathias Munyumbwe
    • +260-967-809-186
    • Litwai village, house no 17, Ibenga, Mpongwe, Copperbelt.
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      • Reuben Andeche

        A prayer request for character transformation.

      • Stephan Smith

        Please pray for the youth throughout all of davidia to come together, unite and finish up God’s work.

      • SAMY Josseline

        Good MorningBrother SAM,
        As I told you last week, I have been learning English in Toulouse (FRANCE). The purpose of it is to speak fluently. I would like to know if I can find one family whom can receive me to make a language-study period in US. Thank to answer me. This my e.mail : May Our Father who is in heaven bless all members in the 11 hours Church. Amen.

      • Lawrence Ssevume

        Hello brothers and sisters, praise the Lord for this,am so thankful to the Lord

      • Felix

        How to return tithes to your organization?

        • The Davidian

          Greetings, the Treasury Department has sent the instructions to thee. God bless.

      • Belmor F. Fiedacan

        Please pray for the philippine brethren,we are now experiencing challenge because of the bashan group,joe alba is there now at bicol area.

      • Ray phiri

        Afternoon br and sisters throughout the eleventh hour church,am encouraging all the members to continue praying for character building.praise God.

      • Bench

        where can i download shepherd’s rod software?

      • Mwaanza Twaambo

        Am kindly asking for any details of any native Russian Davidian living in Russia…

        • The Davidian

          We are not presently acquainted with any Davidians living in Russia. Thank you.

      • Brozen Sircar

        Dear Brother Sam,

        In the name of our Lord the Jesus Christ the son of God greetings to you from Bangladesh. Hope you and all the members of Davidien SDA Association are fine by the grace of God. Now I think you are well by the grace of God. It is the time to visit Bangladesh and start work in this reason. Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Berma Bhutan. Thank you so much with best regards may the Lord bless you.

        Brozen Sircar

        • The Davidian

          Dear Br. Sircar,

          We’ve heard the “Macedonian Call,” (Acts 16:6-10).

          Thanks, and God bless!!

      • Ronald Robinson

        I know brothers and sisters from all three groups Canada Illinois and the Carolinas.. please send me Bible study and why you say the truth is with this group in Texas I have had a personal experience with the Lord and I’m following the lamb I don’t understand why we are all Divided We Believe In The Shepherd’s love, truth?

        • The Davidian

          Shalom Br. Ronald. As concerns what we believe and teach, please see our Fundamental Beliefs and Supplemental Affirmatives. You may also browse the rest of this site as all our information is online. If you wish to have a conversation, feel free to call us.

          FYI, there are many, many more Davidian associations than those declared in your comment. Nevertheless, God has never had more than one movement in existence at a time and it could not be otherwise now. God’s church is well marked in every generation by obedience to present truth (SR2: 125.1; SR2: 93.2; SR2: 257.4; 1TG51: 10.4; 1SC13: 11.4). God bless.

      • Mark Muli

        The Lord is wonderful. I pray He works us into fine Gold. Lord help us we get into the Kingdom.

      • Uwiringiyimana Gilbert

        Hello our br and sr throughout the eleventh hour church, from all over the world, may the Lord be praised. pray for the Davidians of Rwanda because we are a small number of 4 families who have received the message of the prophecy of SRod, your prayers are needed and your advice too. as we are at the foundation, with some difficulties. Lord, help us to enter the Kingdom. Praise God.

      • Pathias Munyumbwe

        Zambia treasurer:
        Just a correction on my particulars.
        Address: Litwai village, house no 17, Ibenga, Mpongwe, Copperbelt.
        Personal email:

      • Dany Guillaume

        My is Dany Guillaume I receive the message I would like to buying a book all in one.I am leaving in Canada if can help me please let me know my phone #is 5144657615 email
        I would love to talk to brother Sam thank you

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